Yahoo and IPv6

Paul Vixie vixie at
Sat May 14 16:47:46 UTC 2011

Matthew Kaufman <matthew at> writes:

>> My Desktop is not able to make any IPv4 socket connections anymore.  I get
>> "Protocol not supported". So there are IPv6-only users, already bitten by
>> no AAAA.  So that's -1 from me.
> Sounds to me like you're not on The Internet any more.

in <> we see:

(*2)    Q: But what IS the Internet?
        A: "It's the largest equivalence class in the reflexive, transitive,
        symmetric, closure of the relationship 'can be reached by an IP
        packet from'". Seth Breidbart

by which definition, matthew's observation would be correct.  folks who want
to run V6 only and still be "on the internet" will need proxies for a long
while.  folks who want to run V6 only *today* and not have any proxies *today*
are sort of on their own -- the industry will not cater to market non-forces.
Paul Vixie

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