Routing study

bmanning at bmanning at
Fri May 13 21:39:16 UTC 2011

 the loan was for a short term project, at least as was explained to me.
 continuing to use it three years later ... not so good.  esp since I
 have other use earmarked for it.  please remove the swip and stop using the
 address space.


On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 02:00:45PM -0400, Vytautas Valancius wrote:
> >> I think he might be referring to the fact that the prefix supposedly used to conduct the test is his, not Georgia Tech's.
> Yes, it's indeed part of Bill's space, but on temporary loan (SWIP)
> for GENI/GaTech:
> ---
> whois -h
> [...]
> route:
> descr: (research group at GaTech)
> origin:         AS47065
> mnt-by:         MNT-GIT
> source:         ARIN # Filtered
> ---
> Sorry if it caused confusion! I should have synced this with Bill
> before announcement.
> Regards,
> Vytautas Valancius
> Georgia Tech

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