Interested in input on tunnels as an IPv6 transition technology

Blake Hudson blake at
Fri May 13 14:44:11 UTC 2011

>> would be interested to know what people think
>> is good about tunnels as an IPv6 transition technology, and what people
>> think is bad about tunnels.
> The good thing about tunnels is people can build them where there's no
> proper network
> The bad thing about tunnels is people build them instead of a
> proper network
> brandon
We've used an HE tunnel with BGP for about a year and it has not been
reliable enough for my tastes. However, I think it's great for testing -
I just wouldn't want to rely on it for production. One, it's not ideal
to force traffic over a tunnel that incurs additional processing,
latency, and reliability problems. Second, in the case of a free HE
tunnel, it might be viewed as impolite to send the tunnel provider lots
of data (I don't remember seeing a bandwidth usage policy).

Only in the case where local peers refuse to provide reliable IP6
transit would I consider using a tunnel full time for IP6 traffic. And
even then, probably only if I was paying and had some sort of service
guarantees and support from the tunnel provider. I would look at
switching local peers for transit before relying on a tunnel.


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