IPv6 foot-dragging

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Thu May 12 22:49:45 UTC 2011

> In the RIPE region, being multihomed or planning to be it is not a
> sufficient condition for getting a PI prefix.  And even if it was, the
> hit on DFZ is the same as from getting allocation from LIR. Even if
> they get their own /32, the hit would be the same (modulo individual
> FIB/RIB implementations).
> Consequently, there's work in progress to modernize RIPE IPv6 address
> policy.
> http://ripe62.ripe.net/presentations/148-wg.pdf p. 19 and forward.
> Cheers,
> Martin


Possibly the hit might be the same, but possibly not.  An organization
that requires a second /48 from their upstream might get one that can't
be aggregated with the previous one.  It is my understanding that ARIN
is attempting to structure their assignments so that if such growth
occurs in PI space, it is likely (though not guaranteed) that the
network will get a subsequent allocation that can be aggregated with the


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