coprorations using BGP for advertising prefixes in mid-1990s

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> On Thu, 12 May 2011 14:53:53 CDT, Michael Sabino said:
> > If you are a big corporation, and it is 1995, how likely is it that
> > you'll utilize bgp for advertising your address space to the internet?
> Well, we got AS1312 sometime before 1996 (the *last changed* timestamp is
> 19960207), that sort of implies that 1311 other organizations were grabbing AS
> numbers before that. And since an AS number has no real use for anything other
> than BGP, that implies some 1,300 organizations doing BGP in the 1995
> timeframe.

I myself inferred that he meant "large end-user corporations whose primary
line of business was *not* being a network provider".

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