coprorations using BGP for advertising prefixes in mid-1990s

Dorn Hetzel dorn at
Thu May 12 21:58:09 UTC 2011

> Does no one remember EGP? ASNs are MUCH older than BGP. And we were
> using BGPv3 prior to the existence of V4. We used BGPv4 back in the days
> when Tony Li would chastise us for reporting a bug in a 10 day old Cisco
> build saying that we could not expect BGPv4 code over a week old to
> work. He felt that we should deploy new code daily.
> The big push was to have v4 available before the old PRDB was frozen by
> Merit/NSFnet. (And, who remembers the PRDB?)
> --

I caught the trailing edge of V3.  I remember announcing 129 prefixes to
Sprintlink, one for our B, and 128 for our /17 from C-space :)

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