Routing study

Hank Nussbacher hank at
Thu May 12 05:00:54 UTC 2011

At 21:43 11/05/2011 -0400, Vytautas Valancius wrote:
> >From May 18th to June 18th Georgia Tech will conduct an Internet
>routing study using AS-PATH poisoning. We will insert AS numbers into
>one of our announcements to route around some networks.
>The study will *only* affect the the Georgia Tech prefix
> The prefix serves *no active users* for the duration
>of study. We will always start AS-PATH with our own AS 47065. We will
>limit ourselves to 10 announcement changes per hour.
>If, for any reason, you want us not to poison our prefix with you AS
>number, please opt-out at any time at:

Kudos for doing the right thing.


>Vytautas Valancius
>Georgia Tech

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