IPv6 foot-dragging

William Astle lost at l-w.ca
Wed May 11 14:39:43 UTC 2011

There has been much talk about IPv6 lately, and for good reason.
Whatever your opinion on whether IPv6 is a good solution to IPv4 address
exhaustion, it's the only solution we have. Yet deployment, at least in
North America, has been ridiculously slow.

I have just been informed by a sales rep for AS852 that they are not
deploying IPv4 until 2012. 2012? Really?

I've heard statements that AS701 has deployed IPv6 on their network but
I've yet to see any evidence of that in my area of Canada. Apparently
they "forgot" Canada when they did it. Now I'm informed, unofficially,
that they might maybe have it deployed, if I'm lucky, some time before
the end of 2011.

I think the above two points illustrate precisely why so many networks
in North America simply cannot deploy IPv6 whether they want to or not.
We simply cannot obtain IPv6 transit from our upstreams. It's just not
available. And the old line about "vote with your money" doesn't work
when you have limited choices.

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