L3 ECMP over links with different RTT

Dikkema, Michael (Business Technology) MDikkema at postmedia.com
Tue May 10 14:28:25 UTC 2011


Is it foolish to build a L3 ECMP connection between 2 iBGP routers with one of the links having a 50% longer RTT? We're building fiber between 2 locations with the option of going both north and south around the great lakes. One link will have a 20ms RTT and one with around 35ms. The majority of our peering and transit will be on one side, with the enterprise datacenter on the other.

The design right now would use OSPF as an IGP over these links with iBGP peering on loopbacks. Both links are 1G.

Any thoughts on doing this different/better would be appreciated.


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