VPN tunnels between US and China dropping/slow

Thomas York straterra at fuhell.com
Tue May 10 14:12:57 UTC 2011

At my current place of business, we have several manufacturing plants in
China as well as the United States. All of the plants have an OVPN tunnel to
a datacenter here in Indianapolis which connect all of the plants. Our China
plants pay for the basic 3mbit/3mbit fiber internet connections. I've had a
hell of a time keeping their tunnels up. They're running on port 443 over
TCP now, but every month or so the tunnel degrades so badly I have to switch
the port. I've recently tried tunneling OVPN (UDP) over a GRE tunnel and
that has worked for a few months..but even now is degrading. The interesting
thing is that ONLY the tunnel traffic gets degraded. I've replaced all of
the equipment on both ends of all of the VPN tunnels, which changed nothing.


Currently, we're talking to Time Warner and some of our customers who have
plants in China to see what solutions they're using to get around this kind
of issue. One thing we are hearing quite often is that they're using a MPLS
based connection to Hong Kong, then going to the USA from there. We're happy
to try this, but due to cost issues we're (management mostly) considering
this a last resort option. Are there any other options maybe some of you
have to fixing this issue? Thanks


Thomas York

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