Suspecious anycast prefixes

Randy Bush randy at
Tue May 10 07:51:37 UTC 2011

> I might not explain the background clearly and confused people. We're
> doing research on multiple origin AS issue, and we want to confirm if
> our inference is correct based on history data we collected. For
> example, we found several hundreds of prefixes with multiple origins
> more than two, some of them were inferred as anycast using our
> methodology, but we're not positive with the conjecture, so we want to
> find the ground truth from operators. Thanks for the detailed
> explanations.

the ucla obsession with multiple-origin announcements has a long
history.  the problem is that you think you can make something that
looks forward.  but how will you decide if tomorrow's announcement of
P from A0 and A1 is anycast, ops kink, or an actual mis-announcement?


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