Cent OS migration

Michael Holstein michael.holstein at csuohio.edu
Mon May 9 20:07:23 UTC 2011

> *Any* of the BSDs are so much less well supported that they'll drive you
> straight up a wall.

If by "less supported" you mean that your local strip mall doesn't offer
a "BSD-certified-systems-engineer" class, then yeah .. but like anything
else, experience in the tricker stuff is going to come at a premium.

There are plenty of commercial support options (if that's your cup of
tea) for the various *BSD offerings.

IME, the BSD flavors (and versions of Linux like Slackware) are the
tools of choice by people who will support themselves. These are also
the people I trust when they come back and say "won't work, need to buy $x".

My $0.02.

Michael Holstein
Cleveland State University

PS: I'm not making a business judgment on going either route .. there's
a case to be made for "free, but takes 3 weeks to configure" versus
"costs WHAT? .. but you get 24x7 support". It's just that sometimes
nobody multiplies the 3wks * salary_of_person (and discovers that it
often is >= "WHAT?").

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