Current recommendations for 2 x full bgp feed

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Sat May 7 15:02:54 UTC 2011

On Sat, 7 May 2011, Support wrote:

> Can anyone give me their recommendation for current hardware to take 2 x
> full BGP feeds over 1Gb/s ports with a third Gb port for the local network?
> I did this about 6/7 years ago with a Cisco 7200VXR NPE300 256MB RAM
> but I'm guessing things have moved on???

The NPE300 won't handle full routes anymore or the volume of traffic 
you're likely to want to move with multiple gig ports.

You mentioned 3 1gb ports, but not how much traffic you expect to be 
moving (or what sorts of features you need).  A 7200VXR with NPEG1 or G2 
might do.  A 6506 with Sup720-3bxl (or better) and a 6408A or 6516-GE-TX 
(depending on your cabling needs) would easily do it.

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