Current recommendations for 2 x full bgp feed

Bill Blackford bblackford at
Sat May 7 14:46:34 UTC 2011

>> 2 x
>> full BGP feeds over 1Gb/s ports with a third Gb port for the local
>> network?

> For new hardware, I would look at the Juniper M or MX series (depending on your needs) or, if you are wanting Cisco, the ASR series is what to look for. The Juniper routers are going to be less expensive per performance.

I use both ASR and MX80 in my environment. If your needs are only a
few ge interfaces then I would recommended the ASR1002. If you need a
few more interfaces, look the the new MX80-5G bundle or the standard
MX80 with a 20 port MIC. Adding capacity to the ASR gets exponential
especially going up to 10G.


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