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Wed May 4 09:22:04 UTC 2011

In article <BANLkTin4qhFifiTeFcnZ+EU_02-h=wDf+w at mail.gmail.com>, Robert 
Lusby <nanogwp at gmail.com> writes
>1) Have you ever had to fit a cabinet through a doorway that's too small?

Yes, but it was height not width

>2) How did you do it? Cut cabinet, demolish wall ...?

by taking the fan tray off the top and the wheels off the bottom (I 
realise you've already stripped it down as far as you can go).

>3) If you cut the cabinet, any tips?

Also - do you ever want to get the cabinet back out (in one piece)?

ps My solution would be to buy a similar sized cabinet (assuming a 
slimmer one won't do) that needs assembling, and feed the parts through 
the door, rather than the complete item.
Roland Perry

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