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> > Ahem, actually ScreenOS does support just such a thing through the
> use of
> > resource profiles - with this you can limit the amount of CPU,
> Sessions,
> > Policies, MIPs and DIPs (used for NAT), and other user defined
> objects such
> > as address book entries, etc. that each VSYS can avail.  This was one
> of the
> good to know... I wonder how well it isolates.

Ask the Vz marketing folks... oh, wait, 1 customer isn't really enough to
demonstrate how well it isolates after all I guess ;)

> > primary drivers behind our decision to utilize the NS-5400 for
> Verizon's
> > NBFW (you remember that place right Chris, heh')
> i do, occasionally via the twitching :)


Stefan Fouant

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