What is this Cisco process?

Jeroen van Ingen jeroen at utwente.nl
Wed Mar 30 05:43:33 CDT 2011

Hi Joe,

> How did you know this?  And I quote "Well, I have no direct experience
> with the 3560, but SFF-8472 is a spec that includes diagnosting
> monitoring of SFPs...".  Really am I missing some secret search
> engine?  Is google not the answer?  Please do let me know because if
> it was from an online resource I want to know what it is.

Well, I was triggered by the SFF designation because I've been hacking
SFP transceivers in my spare time... with the huge price markups on
transceivers by the big vendors, it's getting more interesting to buy
quality SFPs and alter the ID strings in a way that they are recognized
as "genuine Cisco" of "genuine HP".

Googling for SFF8472 will also get you hits (eg a great PDF at
ftp.seagate.com), but they might not seem relevant at first glance :)

> Thanks again for the response... you solved my problem.

Good to hear and you're welcome :)


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