IPv6 SEO implecations?

Franck Martin fmartin at linkedin.com
Tue Mar 29 05:51:37 CDT 2011

On 3/29/11 10:18 , "Wil Schultz" <wschultz at bsdboy.com> wrote:

>I'm attempting to find out information on the SEO implications of testing
>ipv6 out.
>3) ??? Any others that I haven't thought of ???
>So basically I'd love to set up some sites for ipv6.domain.com via 6to4
>as a phase one, and at some point in the near future implement ipv6
>natively inside the datacenter, but I'm somewhat concerned about damaging
>SEO reputation in the process.

Do we know which spiders run on IPv6?

After all an IPv6 only site may not be indexed at all...

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