IPv6 SEO implecations?

Nicholas Meredith nicholas at udhaonline.net
Mon Mar 28 19:01:10 CDT 2011

> Why do you even need a AAAA record to do that?  Just do a traceroute to the
> v6 address.  The temporary AAAA record seems to do nothing useful in your
> proposed procedure.
> Easiest hack to test site usability:  Modify your hosts file.  Don't even
> publish the record in DNS until you're ready.  Then there's no SEO
> implications.  :)

You could go direct to the v6 addy, but using your hosts file for a dns
record isn't going to work for the remote route servers I suggest testing
from. Using a temp AAAA doesn't hurt, or lose you anything, and is
technically a more accurate test, ultimatly I leave it to your discretion.


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