New tsunami advisory warning - Japan

Jeroen van Aart jeroen at
Mon Mar 28 17:40:25 CDT 2011

Michael Thomas wrote:
> Gavin Pearce wrote:
>>> *yawn*.  A foot and a half isn't going to be all *that* bad
>> Sorry to continue off topic:
>> Try to imagine ... a temporary very high tide, rather than a cresting
>> wave. In addition to the "height", it's the wave-length you have to take
>> into account. Tsunami's rarely become towering breaking waves.
> Quite right. The other part is that the water becomes a very fast moving
> river, especially in places where it's not normally one. Watching the

I don't underestimate the power of even a small tsunami. I have friends 
rendered homeless by the Santa Cruz tsunami (their boat being their only 

Though I can understand one is underwhelmed by a mag 6.x earthquake in 
that region considering I believe more than 20 6+ ones happened there 
since the first mag 7.2 earthquake that happened 2-3 days before the mag 
9 one.

Most recent ones:


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