ICANN approves .XXX red-light district for the Internet

Mans Nilsson mansaxel at besserwisser.org
Sat Mar 26 23:55:43 CDT 2011

Subject: RE: ICANN approves .XXX red-light district for the Internet Date: Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 10:07:08PM -0400 Quoting Stefan Fouant (sfouant at shortestpathfirst.net):
> > From: Marshall Eubanks [mailto:tme at americafree.tv]

> > even
> > more snake oil now.
> And I'm afraid we'll be seeing a whole heckuva lot more of this snake oil
> once ICANN finalizes the Generic TLD process in June:

The only possible thing that could save anyone with a valuable
meatspace (tm) from having to buy its string representation in all the
new TLDen is to make TLDen ubiquitous to a degree where the TLD can't
be assumed anymore. 

A root zone with several thousand TLDen is no technical problem. I
wonder when the effect kicks in. If it does.

A positive side-effect would be to enable the altroot kooks to buy a
TLD (.altroot -- under which they can run their own mini-Internets) of
their own, which would disable some, if not all of them.

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