ICANN approves .XXX red-light district for the Internet

Stefan Fouant sfouant at shortestpathfirst.net
Sat Mar 26 21:30:53 CDT 2011

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> ICM retained competent counsel for the ICANN issue advocacy. I expect
> Stuart will retain competent counsel for the follow-on issues.

Yes, it is certain that Stuart will retain competent counsel for all
follow-on issues, I mean, the guy bragged to Bloomberg that ICM is set to
make at least $200 million a year through these registrations (believe me,
if I were in his position, I'd have the best lawyers money could buy).  That
doesn't even touch the $3-4 Billion in porn transactions ICM is hoping to
process and get a cut of once they launch their payment processing service. 

What changed ICANN's mind between the ruling in 2007 and the ruling in 2010?
ICM brings in an independent arbitrator and ICANN agrees to go along with
the findings, yet for the life of me I can't find any majority who believe
this was necessary.  The ACLU objects because of censorship issues.  Family
and religious groups oppose because they believe .xxx legitimizes porn.
Heck, even the porn industry itself opposes because it will increase
operating costs and open the industry to more regulation.

I can't seem to find anyone that would benefit from this, with the exception
of Stuart and ICM's shareholders. 

Stefan Fouant

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