Nortel, in bankruptcy, sells IPv4 address block for $7.5 million

Jamie Bowden jamie at
Fri Mar 25 06:44:20 CDT 2011

Does anyone really believe MS is this naïve? I have no doubt at all that some small bit of Nortel will be transferred to MS if that's what's required for the IPs in question to be moved in accordance with normal standards, practice, and policy.


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On 3/24/2011 7:59 PM, Jimmy Hess wrote:
> Because that's what IP addresses are.  Totally worthless unless community
> participants voluntarily route traffic for those IPs to the assignee.

Note that community participants can do this with or without ARIN having 
updated some entries in a database.

Would de-peer with Microsoft (or turn down a transit contract from them) 
just because they wanted to announce some Nortel address space?

Would ARIN really erase the Nortel entry and move these addresses to the 
free pool if Microsoft doesn't play along with one of the transfer policies?

Would you announce addresses someone had just obtained from ARIN that 
were already being announced by Microsoft?

Matthew Kaufman

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