Nortel, in bankruptcy, sells IPv4 address block for $7.5 million

Martin Millnert millnert at
Thu Mar 24 19:25:15 CDT 2011


since there are IRR databases operated by non-RIRs, does one need to
register a prefix in any RIR-DB at all, to see it reachable on the

Have there been any presentations/research done on reachability of
RIR-registered vs non-RIR-registered vs completely unregistered

( When I say RPKI below I mean the entire secure BGP routing
infrastructure developments. )
I think it is pretty clear what the greatest motivation from RIRs on
RPKI is: (Unregistered) legacy v4-space (ie, reaching a critical mass
so that the network effect starts to apply positively for the
reachability of non-RIR-registered space.

John Currant has written on RPKI = certification of RIR-DB contents on
this list before, but that could in all seriousness be equally
accomplished simply by having a usable and trusted API-connection to
query the DB itself. And that I think hardly anyone would oppose.
(AFAIK ARIN has already deployed this by now; and as soon as their
services has some sort of authentication (DNSSEC'ed DNS with SSL cert
in it, for example? It's ~trivial to program a client for this!) a lot
will have been accomplished already!

What's different and unique with the RPKI effort is that it integrates
this information directly into BGP itself, in an effort to claim
control on what's being announced on the Internet.

The former I welcome warmly, while the latter I think it remains to be
seen how successful it will be.


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> On Mar 24, 2011, at 8:57 AM, Eugen Leitl wrote:
> Read the comment at the end (attached here for reference).
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>> Re: Nortel, in bankruptcy, Requests Approval of Sale of IPv4 address blocks
>> by John Curran on Thu 24 Mar 2011 11:31 AM EDT |  Profile |  Permanent Link
>> Milton -
>> Did you have an opportunity to review the actual docket materials, or is your "coverage" based just on your review of the referenced article?
>> The parties have requested approval of a sale order from the Bankruptcy judge. There is a timeline for making filings and a hearing date. There is not an approved sale order at this time, contrary to your blog entry title.
>> ARIN has a responsibility to make clear the community-developed policies by which we maintain the ARIN Whois database, and any actual transfer of number resources in compliance with such policies will be reflected in the database.
>> FYI,
>> /John

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