Creating an IPv6 addressing plan for end users

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      As an end customer (not a carrier) over in ARIN land I purchased a /48
about a year ago for our future IPv6 needs. We have 4 different Internet
touchpoints (two per carrier) all rated at about 1Gbps. Recently, both
carriers told us that the minimum advertisement they would accept PER
CIRCUIT would be a /48. I was surprised to say the least. Basically a /48
would not be enough for us. The arguement was that this was to support all
the summarization efforts and blah blah blah. Even though my space would be
unique to either carrier. So now I'm contemplating a much larger block.
Seems wasteful but I have to for the carriers. Have you heard of this
elsewhere or is this maybe just an ARIN/American thing? Both carriers told
me that in discussions with their peers that they were all doing this.


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> For those who don't like clicking on random links:
> _addr_plan4.pdf
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> Subject: Creating an IPv6 addressing plan for end users
> Hi all,
> In our IPv6 courses, we often get the question: I give my customers a
> /48 (or a /56 or a /52) but they have no idea how to distribute that
> space in their network.
> In December Sander Steffann and Surfnet wrote a manual explaining
> exactly that, in clear language with nice graphics. A very useful
> document but it was in Dutch, so RIPE NCC decided to translate that
> document to English.
> Yesterday, we have published that document on our website and we hope
> this document is able to take away some of the fear that end users seem
> to have for these huge blocks.
> You can find this document here:
> (PDF)
> I look forward to your feedback, tips and comments.
> With kind regards,
> Nathalie Trenaman
> RIPE NCC Trainer

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