CSI New York fake IPv6

Paul Timmins paul at telcodata.us
Mon Mar 21 00:35:50 CDT 2011

Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:
> Is / ::1 the Internet version of "555"?  Or will "I hurt myself, so now I'm going to sue you" mean we can't even use that?
It'd be nice if TV producers even knew that not all of 555 was to be 
used for television shows*, let alone that there's an internet 
equivalent. Heck, it'd be nice if phone companies knew they weren't 
supposed to route all of 555 to information (Hi, Global Crossing). I can 
only assume it's some sort of "stupid tax" for people who dial crap they 
see on TV.


* = 
Only the range of 0100-0199 is to be used for ficticious use

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