SP's and v4 block assignments

Jeroen van Aart jeroen at mompl.net
Fri Mar 18 16:11:05 CDT 2011

Owen DeLong wrote:
> I'll point out that Comcast charges $5/month for a static IP on their business circuits.

I get charged $6 for a static IP for a home internet connection (not a 
business account). Although in the Netherlands xs4all will give you one 
for free, so it depends.

I am wondering though, is it normal to charge around $5/month for rDNS 
on that IP? I'd say a one time fee for the effort of adding the record 
to the nameserver would be enough. But then maybe the consumer ISP gets 
charged by their ISP for rDNS.

> This is not uncommon practice. I agree with you that it's undesirable, but, it's not uncommon
> among the access networks.

I guess it's ok to expect a small fee when your consumer grade internet 
connection gets a static IP. Given that many large ISPs force you to get 
  a business account if you want a static IP, and a higher price.



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