Creating an IPv6 addressing plan for end users

Nathalie Trenaman nathalie at
Wed Mar 16 04:04:48 CDT 2011

Hi all,

In our IPv6 courses, we often get the question: I give my customers a /48 (or a /56 or a /52) but they have no idea how to distribute that space in their network.
In December Sander Steffann and Surfnet wrote a manual explaining exactly that, in clear language with nice graphics. A very useful document but it was in Dutch, 
so RIPE NCC decided to translate that document to English.

Yesterday, we have published that document on our website and we hope this document is able to take away some of the fear that end users seem to have for these huge blocks.
You can find this document here: (PDF)

I look forward to your feedback, tips and comments.

With kind regards,

Nathalie Trenaman
RIPE NCC Trainer

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