SP's and v4 block assignments

Andrew Elliott andrellio at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 15 08:46:08 CDT 2011

> "Larger than default"?  There are rules about allocating IP space, it has to do 
>with justification, not default sizes.

Right, by "default" I was referring to a default minimum size block assigned to 
a particular product (I would guess this would normally be in the range of /29 
to /27).  I understand justification would be required (I hope), but I was 
thinking of this from the perspective of trying to put the onus on the 
customer's to have an incentive for using their provider assigned blocks in the 
most efficient way.

> Charging for them means you are likely a spammer or provider catering to 
>spammers, and lying on your justification forms.  Hopefully these types of 
>providers will go away as space gets tighter and justifications are scrutinized 

I understand this, but if said SP is doing this for spammers, they are likely 
not getting paid and only ending up with dirty blocks that nobody wants.

Please understand I am discussing this based on the assumption that the 
additional addresses are justified by a non-spammer customer who really needs 
more space. 

I am open to the idea that charging for address space is a non-issue due to the 
spammer issue mentioned above, but could you please elaborate?  Is it just 
common practice to never charge by most SPs?



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