SP's and v4 block assignments

Patrick W. Gilmore patrick at ianai.net
Tue Mar 15 08:27:58 CDT 2011

On Mar 15, 2011, at 9:11 AM, Andrew Elliott wrote:

> Looking for information on the current standard practices for charging customers 
> for larger than default v4 assignments.
> Especially with the rapidly depleting v4 space, how are SP's handling these 
> requests?  Is it safe to assume customers requesting larger blocks are willing 
> to pay a premium?
> How much are SP's charging and what are the thresholds?  What are default 
> allocations based on?  (ie: size of the circuit, type of product, etc...)
> Are SP's requiring more strict justification for said assignments?

"Larger than default"?  There are rules about allocating IP space, it has to do with justification, not default sizes.

Charging for them means you are likely a spammer or provider catering to spammers, and lying on your justification forms.  Hopefully these types of providers will go away as space gets tighter and justifications are scrutinized more.


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