Internet Edge Router replacement - IPv6 route table sizeconsiderations

George Bonser gbonser at
Wed Mar 9 22:52:54 CST 2011

> No SNMP stats for virtual vlan interfaces and when asking Brocade
> about it, you get told "it is too hard to program". You gotta be
> kiddin me ....

Yeah, that is something that has been bugging me.  No stats on ve

> Or how they do vlan configurations.

I have complained about that, too.  With Cisco you add vlans to ports,
with Brocade you add ports to vlans.  Subtle difference. You can't look
at the config and very easily see which vlans are on which ports, you
have to do something like:

show vlan e 1/1/1 

and parse through the output. 

> Or how a FCX stack will crash when you do jumbo frames.

I have been running jumbo frames with stacked FCX units, no problems so
far.  Running 7.2.00


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