Internet Edge Router replacement - IPv6 route table sizeconsiderations

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> > I think this is the point where I get a shovel, a bullwhip and head
> > over to the horse graveyard that is CAM optimization...
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> Well, it really isn't so bad.  With Brocade FPGA gear you can change how
> much CAM is allocated to different functions (but you can't do it on the
> fly, it takes a reboot).  I don't think these are available for the CER
> series, though.  The MLX or MXR can be reconfigured.  The thing is that
> the XMR and MLX are not ASIC-based devices, they are FPGA-based which
> means the hardware can be re-wired with a code change.  Personally, I
> like to be able to reallocate CAM from features I am not using to
> features that I am using.
> And to be fair, Brocade has been improving over the past couple of
> years.  Now if only we could route layer 3 on MCT VLANS ...
> (MCT is sort of like Arista mLAG but it is layer2 only at this point).

My experience with Foundry/Brocade which is recent, is only with the
FCX devices and I wished I had gone with something else.

No SNMP stats for virtual vlan interfaces and when asking Brocade
about it, you get told "it is too hard to program". You gotta be
kiddin me ....

Or how they do vlan configurations.

Or how a FCX stack will crash when you do jumbo frames.

Regards, Ulf.

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