Geolocation Info Correction Needed at Apple, Yahoo, MSN

Frank Bulk frnkblk at
Wed Mar 9 13:50:07 CST 2011

There is no (publicly) known process for those three major sites -- if
anyone does learn, please update the wiki.

Probably the best place to start with each of those is the generic support
e-mail/web form.


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If anyone is listening, would you be so kind as to update geolocation
info for the following-- they are in Mexico, not Argentina.

status:      reallocated
owner:       Infor Global Solutions Mexico SA de CV
ownerid:     MX-IGSM-LACNIC
responsible: Hector Garcia Bernal
address:     Montes Urales 505 Lomas de Chapultepec, , 
address:      - mexico city - 
country:     MX

I couldn't find information on how to get geolocation errors corrected
for Apple, Yahoo or MSN on their websites.  It would be nice if folks
would also update   which
details the process for several large sites. 


Heather Schiller
Network Security - Verizon Business
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