How many IPv6 BGP routes are you planning for in DFZ?

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Wed Mar 9 09:27:05 CST 2011

In a message written on Wed, Mar 09, 2011 at 10:21:03AM -0500, Jeff Wheeler wrote:
> Making some assumptions, let's say every active ASN in DFZ will
> announce a mean of 1.4 IPv6 routes (the number seen today.)  If IPv6

I figure backbone gear should have a lifespan of 5 years minimum,
and that it is typically really bad to push it past about 85-90%.
Using both of those I would assume around 2 routes per ASN, and
probably on the order of 70k ASN's in use in 5 years, so 140,000
route minimum capability.

> Really, I would like vendors to make IPv4 and IPv6 FIB come from the
> same pool (with obviously different allocation sizes) or allow me to
> configure the partitioning as I see fit.  This has been the case for

I like having them both come from the same pool, but I never
understood the need for the network operator to configure partitioning.
It seems like the boxes should be able to adjust the partition
dynamically with an overall fill rate > 95%.  I don't want to have
to go back and recompute a partition size every 6 months if the
tables together end up nearly filling memory, or have to maintain
different partitions for core and edge boxes.

Maybe in 1995 I would have accepted manual partitioning, but come on,
memory management has moved on.

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