estimation of number of DFZ IPv4 routes at peak in the future

Randy Bush randy at
Wed Mar 9 02:35:57 CST 2011

>> i am more of a pessimist.  i suspect that there will be enough
>> v4-only destinations out there that multi-homed enterprises fronting
>> onto dual-stack backbones will announce teenie bits of v4 so they can
>> nat64.
> that teenie bit better be part of a larger aggregate that can reach at
> least one of their runs home.

the last serious satainc phylters died in 2001.  sales&marketing
pressure.  when is behind a /27, or your s&m folk
sell to who wants you to announce their /26, it will be
the end of the /24 barrier.

> v6 being where the growth is it will get priority.

we wish.  wanna start a pool on the growth of v6 announcements vs
new multi-homed v4 announcements?


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