Internet Edge Router replacement - IPv6 route table size considerations

Chris Enger chrise at
Tue Mar 8 19:18:20 CST 2011

Our Brocade reps pointed us to the CER 2000 series, and they can do up to 512k v4 or up to 128k v6.  With other Brocade products they spell out the CAM profiles that are available, however I haven't found specifics on the CER series.


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On 09/03/11 12:08, Julien Goodwin wrote:
> On 09/03/11 11:57, Chris Enger wrote:
>> I did look at a Juniper J6350, and the documentation states it can handle 400k routes with 1GB of memory, or 1 million with 2GB.  However it doesn’t spell out how that is divvyed up between the two based on a profile setting or some other mechanism.
> It's a software router so the short answer is "it isn't"
> With 3GB of RAM both a 4350 and 6350 can easily handle multiple IPv4
> feeds and an IPv6 feed (3GB just happens to be what I have due to
> upgrading from 1GB by adding a pair of 1GB sticks)
> If you need more then ~500Mbit or so then you would want something
> bigger. The MX80 is nice and has some cheap bundles at the moment; it's
> specced for 8M routes (unspecified, but the way Juniper chips typically
> store routes there's less difference in size then the straight 4x)
> From others the Cisco ASR1k or Brocade NetIron XMR (2M routes IIRC) are
> the obvious choices.
And I meant Brocade NetIron CES here.

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