Internet Edge Router replacement - IPv6 route table size considerations

Julien Goodwin nanog at
Tue Mar 8 19:08:06 CST 2011

On 09/03/11 11:57, Chris Enger wrote:
> I did look at a Juniper J6350, and the documentation states it can handle 400k routes with 1GB of memory, or 1 million with 2GB.  However it doesn’t spell out how that is divvyed up between the two based on a profile setting or some other mechanism.
It's a software router so the short answer is "it isn't"

With 3GB of RAM both a 4350 and 6350 can easily handle multiple IPv4
feeds and an IPv6 feed (3GB just happens to be what I have due to
upgrading from 1GB by adding a pair of 1GB sticks)

If you need more then ~500Mbit or so then you would want something
bigger. The MX80 is nice and has some cheap bundles at the moment; it's
specced for 8M routes (unspecified, but the way Juniper chips typically
store routes there's less difference in size then the straight 4x)

>From others the Cisco ASR1k or Brocade NetIron XMR (2M routes IIRC) are
the obvious choices.

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