[afnog] Suspicious request for IP address space

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Tue Mar 8 07:43:38 CST 2011

	(Cross posting to nanog, apologies if this is considered not appropriate).

Shepherd Magumo (shepherd) writes:
> Good day,
> I work for an ISP with own small AfriNIC IP block and ASN number and
> recently received a second suspicious request for a huge IP address space
> with server hosting solution and we are about to turn it down.
> Below is the exact request and I am sure there is something dodge about this
> request. Anybody else in ISP receive this?
> We are looking for an IP address space of /17 and we would like to lease it
> > for one complete year. Please quote us the price and if its something in
> > our
> > range, We will go ahead and purchase, Along with it do you provide
> > dedicated
> > servers and hosting services. Get back to me soon along with the requested
> > details.

	Hi Shepherd,

	Without disclosing the sender of this mail, do you know where it's
	originating from, region wise ?  The size looks a bit large to be a
	legitimate request.  They might be probing the market to find a LIR
	willing to go along with a scam.

	As I see it, if you consider the ratio of available IPv4 space left in
	the AfriNIC pool vs. the population in Africa, there is a temptation
	for IPv4 hungry orgs. to acquire v4 space via front companies in Africa,
	and announce it elsewhere - where the validation process for the
	appropriate RIR would be more stringent.


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