IPv4 address shortage? Really?

Scott Morris swm at emanon.com
Tue Mar 8 07:18:37 CST 2011

It would be a lot easier to do it by continent.

3 bits at prepend.  We only have 7 of those and Antarctica likely
doesn't need several billion addresses anyway.   Got some leftover for
the United Federation of Planets.  :)   (or whatever other
semi-practical use that may be dreamed up)

You could do the same type of thing with E.164 country code ideas, but
that may be a bit stranger and drive the need for more RIRs along the way.


On 3/8/11 2:18 AM, George Bonser wrote:
>> 	well... not that it gained any traction atall, but given
>> 	the actual size/complexity of the global interconnect mesh,
>> 	we -could- ease the transition timing by many years with the
>> 	following administrative change.  No tricks, no OS hacks,
>> 	no changes to software anywhere..  just a bit of renumbering...
>> 	recipie:
>> 	the usable IPv4 ranges
>> 	RFC 1918
>> 	Step one:   Invert RFC 1918 to define the global Internets
>> interconnection
>> 		    mesh.
>> 	Step two:   make all other usable IPv4 space "private".
>> 	Serves 2,000,000 million clients w/o changing to a new protocol
>> family.
>> Enjoy!
>> --bill
> And I fully expect that to be done at some point or another.  Country
> takes the entire 32bit address space for itself.  You want to serve that
> country?  Fine, apply for an allocation out of their /0 and route to it
> over v6.

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