IPv4 address shortage? Really?

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Tue Mar 8 01:18:43 CST 2011

> 	well... not that it gained any traction atall, but given
> 	the actual size/complexity of the global interconnect mesh,
> 	we -could- ease the transition timing by many years with the
> 	following administrative change.  No tricks, no OS hacks,
> 	no changes to software anywhere..  just a bit of renumbering...
> 	recipie:
> 	the usable IPv4 ranges
> 	RFC 1918
> 	Step one:   Invert RFC 1918 to define the global Internets
> interconnection
> 		    mesh.
> 	Step two:   make all other usable IPv4 space "private".
> 	Serves 2,000,000 million clients w/o changing to a new protocol
> family.
> Enjoy!
> --bill

And I fully expect that to be done at some point or another.  Country
takes the entire 32bit address space for itself.  You want to serve that
country?  Fine, apply for an allocation out of their /0 and route to it
over v6.

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