Ethernet circuit testing

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EXFO purchased the BRIX active management system a couple of years ago. BRIX can be used to determine basic rtt, packet loss, jitter, and also contains a suite of application tests such as ftp, various voice codecs, etc.

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More often on Ethernet services, we experience a customer wanting to see
more than an Ookla based server test from our network.  Our hands in the
field are limited in the number of Ethernet smart loopback devices that they
own.  If we do have a tester on site, we can generate traffic from an Exfo
purpose built appliance toward the loop and determine results.  Too often,
we have found things such as ftp downloads to be unreliable based on use of
server, windows PC doing the download, etc.  What other methods are you guys
using for testing these services?  




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