Real World NAT64 deployments

Fri Mar 4 03:25:17 CST 2011

Hi Randy,

I don't advocate for 6to4. I'm for dual-stack, even with IPv4 private
addresses and NAT, which is what we have today.

However, we like it or not 6to4 is there in many platforms, and the best
we can do is to deploy 6to4 relays in both sides, ISPs and content
providers. That will minimise the problem. I think some other folks in the
list already said it many times.

I think is much much much better having 6to4 and relays than nothing. Same
observations for Teredo.


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>> 6to4 is an automatic transition mechanism
>                      ^ non-
>which allows an end site to have horrible v6 pseudo-connectivity over a
>provider who has not deployed ipv6

IPv4 is over
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