Real World NAT64 deployments

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On Thu, Mar 3, 2011 at 5:01 PM, Hammer <bhmccie at> wrote:
> A little better. So what's the difference between 6to4 and 6in4? Isn't 6in4
> what HE uses?

I haven't used 6in4 so I couldn't tell you.

6to4 is a stateless tunnelling protocol. You have a dual-stacked
router. It has an IPv4 address, Therefore it supports a 6to4
IPv6 network numbered 2002:0102:0304::/48. Somebody tries to send a
packet to 2002:0102:0304::1, it goes to a 6to4 router which
encapsulates the IPv6 packet in an IPv4 packet and sends it to

6to4 is handy as a toy or for experimenting, but it relies on a loose
network of generous volunteers who, while generous, are neither
generous nor numerous enough to support production traffic.


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