Real World NAT64 deployments

Thu Mar 3 16:20:47 CST 2011

6in4 is IPv6 encapsulated in IPv4 = protocol 41, typically used in manual
tunnelling configuration and also in tunnel brokers and some other type of

6to4 is an automatic transition mechanism that uses 6in4 to automatically
create IPv6 tunnels using a special IPv6 prefix 2002::/16, appending the
IPv4 public address to obtain a /48 for each IPv4 public address. It works
very well for peer-to-peer, but it requires 6to4 relays for connecting to
end-sites using any other kind of IPv6 connectivity (anything not-6to4).



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>A little better. So what's the difference between 6to4 and 6in4? Isn't
>what HE uses?
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>> > I need a cheat sheet.
>> >
>> > nat64
>> > 6to4nat
>> > 6in4nat
>> > etc...
>> 6to4 and 6in4 are not NAT. They're tunnels (VPNs) that allow two IPv6
>> nodes to talk to each other via an IPv4 backbone.
>> nat64 is NAT. It allows IPv6 endpoints to communicate with IPv4
>> nat44 is the IPv4 NAT you're used to.
>> nat444 is carrier NAT (translated once by the customer and once again
>> by the ISP, get it?)
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