What vexes VoIP users?

Scott Helms khelms at ispalliance.net
Thu Mar 3 15:08:36 CST 2011

On 3/3/2011 3:47 PM, Alexander O. Yuriev wrote:
>> There's no particularly good reason that a VoIP-over-cable system
>> shouldn't be able to hand off calls to an arbitrary SIP device.
> No, there's no particulary good technological reason why VOIP-over-cable
> system shouldn't be able to hand off calls to an arbitrary SIP device.
> The reason is purely business -  it will destroy their own voice service user base.
> Alex

PacketCable pre-dates network neutrality discussions in the US, think 
1999 for version 1.0 

So we have a working technology that pre-dated significant direct to 
consumer SIP services.  Vonage went direct to consumer in 2002, before 
that their model was selling to the cable operators.)   Now its true 
there is no technical reason that 3rd party SIP devices couldn't be 
included in the mix, especially since PacketCable 2.0 moves from MGCP to 
SIP.  However, there is a ton of work to build an interoperable protocol 
for signaling call setup, AAA, number ports, etc, etc.  Integrating 3rd 
party SIP into the existing PacketCable standards is certainly possible, 
but who is going to pay for it?  I know of no 3rd party VOIP vendors 
that even want to go down this path.  Vonage's technical folks seem 
quite happy to have a ~60% success rate in my experience troubleshooting 
networks and Skype seems even more disinterested.  I also think you 
greatly over estimate the amount of concern generated by MagicJack, 
Skype, Vonage, et al.

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