[BEWARE] David J. Moore

Leon Kaiser literalka at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 08:10:31 CST 2011

This is the man who poisoned DroneBL. He is a bad man. Keep your
children safe.

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kunwon1: what a bad man

``kunwon1'' aka David J. Moore is a mentally unstable chatter found on
irc.freenode.net ##politics, where he frequently promotes racism,
bigotry, and his own extremist political views. He is a violent felon, a
pedophile, and a drug addict. Keep this sick, sick man away from your
children at all costs.

In addition to being a violent sex offender, he is a devout Muslim and
deeply closeted homosexual.

kunwon1: confirmed sex offender
If you let David J. Moore anywhere near your children, there is no doubt
in my mind that your child will soon become a rape victim. This is a
very sick man who belongs in prison, not on IRC.

Quick Facts about David J. Moore: Violent Sex Fiend
* David J. Moore is responsible for 88% of all 'Amber Alerts.
* There are literally hundreds of reported instances of Moore molesting
* Authorities suspect that Moore keeps over 30 children locked in his
basement, based on the screams neighbors frequently report to the
* Moore was once described as calling a 4-year-old girl "very
molestable", and a 7-month-old boy as "a hot piece of ass".
* It is rumored that he is responsible for 45% of all child abuse in his
county, and that 40% of all child pornography on the Internet can be
traced back to him.
* There is not a second in the day where David J. Moore does not lust
after children.

kunwon1: Junkie
Labeled a pedophile and shunned by neighbors and peers alike, David J.
Moore turned to drugs for companionship. After years of injecting Heroin
and other opiates into his veins, it began to get harder to find a
"good" vein to shoot up in. Moore was forced to turn to other drugs to
fill the void in his life that Heroin once did.

Drugs that David J. Moore is addicted to
* Crack Cocaine
* Marijuana
* Morphine
* Speed
* Crystal Meth
* Vicodin
* Heroin
* Ketamine
* Steroids
* Peyote
* Salvia
* Ecstacy
* Shrooms
* Oxycodone
* Klonopin
* Methadone
* Ayahuasca
* Adrenochrome
Moore has also been known to huff "raid" from time to time.

kunwon1: soft chatter
Warning! The text that follows may be disturbing and thus unsuitable for
younger viewers. If you are under the age of 18, or are offended at any
time, please press the ``back'' button on your web browser.

Click here for examples of kunwon1's deviant chatting.

15:39:49 ,---Whois--< kunwon1 [~kunwon1 at unaffiliated/kunwon1]
15:39:49 |    gecos : Specialization is for Insects
15:39:50 | channels : #freenode @##child_pic_swap ##politics
@##narco_trade ##politics-outcast +##infant-sex-workers ##gaydads4sons
15:39:50 |   server : brown.freenode.net (Madison, WI, US)
15:39:50 |          : is using a secure connection
15:39:50 |     idle : 0 days 0 hours 2 mins 40 secs (signon: Mon Feb 28
15:09:52 2011)
15:39:50 |  account : kunwon1
15:39:50 `----------<

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