IPv6? Why, you are the first one to ask for it!

Scott Helms khelms at ispalliance.net
Tue Mar 1 14:24:27 CST 2011

We've been the "first" for one of the oldest and best known Tier 1's in 
Metro Atlanta for quite some time....

It only took them 3 weeks to get the order right in their billing system 
and another 4.5 months to get it working.

> And I agree with the previous poster that in this day and age, it is
> unlikely that the sales group of a global provider would not have
> encountered such a request.  If anything, they should have been hit with
> those kinds of requests starting ten years ago.  Perhaps that particular
> salesperson had not but he/she should have been briefed on it and should
> be familiar enough with deployment status to be able to talk
> intelligently and honestly with a potential customer.

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