Verizon Issues? East Coast US

Bret Palsson bret at
Tue Mar 1 13:05:07 CST 2011

From our experience and smoke pings on Verizon's alternet, they ALWAYS have issues. Which is why we moved away from them.


On Mar 1, 2011, at 9:47 AM, Chris Tracy wrote:

>>> Seeing some packet loss via Cogent.
>>> seems to be lighting up.
>> I'm noticing it too.  POP in Grand Rapids, circuit to Detroit.  Packet loss,
>> but no total loss of connectivity.
> Interesting.  I began to notice trouble reaching google about a week ago from 2 different east-cost Verizon FiOS lines -- one business and one residential -- but my problem appears to be congestion at the AS701 <> AS15169 border.  I'm not noticing any loss across AS701.
> These problems began around 9am Eastern on Saturday Feb 19th -- see attached smokeping graph.  You can see the diurnal pattern in the loss -- packet loss peaks between 9a-4p ET.  Of course, I can get without any loss at all via my HE tunnel!
> In both cases, mtr shows ~50% loss beginning at (, the first hop in AS15169.  It's clear that I must be losing more ICMP than TCP packets given that google webpages come up fairly quickly, but youtube videos hang ever since this started.
> Anybody else seeing this?
> Thanks,
> -Chris
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