IPv6? Why, you are the first one to ask for it!

Paul Graydon paul at paulgraydon.co.uk
Tue Mar 1 11:46:01 CST 2011

On 03/01/2011 07:39 AM, George Bonser wrote:
> Fairly major global network provider likes to call themselves a "Tier
> 1".  Asking about native IPv6 in one of their colo facilities in the UK.
> They say their US facilities won't be v6 capable until Q4 2011.  The UK
> rep acted like it was the first he'd ever heard of it and implied we
> were the very first to ask for it.
> Note to providers:  That might have worked a couple of years ago but
> when we hear that today, we know it is false.  Please be honest in your
> responses to that question.  If you aren't going to deploy it for
> another year or two, just say so.  The notion that we are the very first
> ones to ever ask for it from a global provider in a major country is
> just lame.
> George
Having worked both inside and outside the ISP industry, I wouldn't 
necessarily trust a salesman to know a DSL from a leased line, let alone 
IPv6 vs IPv4, nor to have remembered being asked about it before.  
That's stuff for pre-sales engineers to handle, not the salesman.

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