What vexes VoIP users?

Tim Franklin tim at pelican.org
Tue Mar 1 03:25:23 CST 2011

> I do not live over there, I have never seen a Vonage or Magic jack or
> any other VoIP service ad on TV in the UK, ever. 

Vonage *are* advertising on UK TV.  Hardly the carpet-bombing the OP suggests is the case in the US, but they are doing something.

> It is quite a different market here. I can get POTS services over the
> same copper from, I'd say, about 5 different companies. Maybe more, I
> have not counted. I guess the competition already available on the
> copper would largely preclude anything but the cheapest VoIP service.

For UK national calls, which pretty much all the POTS providers are offering for "free" (read "bundled"), I tend to agree - especially given that the POTS providers who *aren't* BT (Residential) are largely having to lease at least the last mile copper from BT (OpenReach).  The Vonage TV ads that I've seen in the UK are pitched at offering cheap / free / bundled international calls, and the target market for that I believe is both different and smaller.


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